Maximizing Impact Project

Maximizing Impact Project
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The Maximizing Impact Project aims to explore how impact driven investors and philanthropists can maximize the impact across their total portfolios, including philanthropy.

There is an ongoing discussion as to what is more effective in solving the world’s problems: impact investing or philanthropy? We believe (impact) investing and philanthropy are means to an end: doing as much good as possible.

The Maximizing Impact Project is about discovering how to optimally combine all your resources (financial, knowledge, time) to maximize the aggregate impact of your total portfolio.


Maximizing Impact Portfolio Model

A main focus of the project is developing a new ‘Maximizing Impact portfolio model’ that integrates social impact and risk with financial metrics to create a unified approach to portfolio management. This will allow optimization of impact/risk across a total asset portfolio (including philanthropy as an asset class).

For more information about this model, or any other questions regarding the Maximizing Impact Project, please contact Jonathan Harris.

The team

Jonathan Harris >>Project Manager
Robert Boogaard >>Project Catalyst
Dr Kellie Liket
Dr Kellie Liket >>Project Advisor

Interesting reading

Below we collect and share interesting articles, papers and knowledge regarding impact which we come across and believe provide valuable insights.

Impact Investing Paper >>
A recent paper from Founders Pledge on Impact Investing. Although it does lack some nuance in places, it does do a very good job of summarising a number of key concepts, that tend to not be considered by most impact investors, therefore providing great food for thought.

When Can Impact Investing Create Real Impact? >>
Although it is possible for impact investors to achieve social impact along with market rate returns, it’s not easy to do and doesn’t happen nearly as often as many boosters would have you believe (Paul Brest, SSIR 2013)Extended version: Unpacking the Impact in Impact Investing >>

Beyond returns: Investigating the Social and Environmental Impact of Sustainable Investing >>
A recent working paper from Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP). While many studies have examined the financial performance of sustainable investing (SI), little is known about the social and environmental impact of SI. The CSP address this research gap in a multi-disciplinary literature review.

How Investors Can (and Can’t) Create Social Value >>
A growing number of investors are attempting to create social value with their investments, but it’s often more difficult to achieve than one might think (Paul Brest, Ronald Gilson, Mark Wolfson, SSIR 2016)

Cracking the Code of Impact Investing >>
The creation of “impact classes” as a classification system has the potential to address a number of stubborn barriers in impact investing (Cathy Clark & Ben Thornley, SSIR Jun/16)